BiCASL Welcome Party was smoothly held

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On the afternoon of September 28th, 2018, BiCASL held a welcome party for the 2018 graduates.

On the afternoon of September 28th, 2018, BiCASL held a welcome party for the 2018 graduates.

This party mainly consisted of self-introductions and talent shows by the freshmen and a series of fun games. The purpose was to make the old and new members get familiar with each other, to help the new arrivals integrate into the lab family more quickly and meanwhile to promote everyone to put study and work aside temporarily, go out of the lab, get close to the nature, relax the body and mind and strike a proper balance between work and leisure.

During the self-introduction period, relaxing and lively atmosphere broke the ice from the beginning, so the freshmen put aside the scruples and showed everyone their versatile sides, and among them Yuxin Ji’s jazz was so amazing that everyone applauded for her. Senior Binghui Lin’s Wing Chun was also impressive.

The subsequent fun games included four parts named “kangaroo jump”, “step-on-stone relay”, “reversal” and “hula hoop”. Members in the party split into five groups, and everyone cooperated actively in groups and competed fiercely between groups, eventually the first, second and third prizes were decided. In this period, many members who usually study and work rigorously and seriously showed everybody their energy and humor, which impressed everyone.

The party fell off the curtain with the awarding session and Prof. Wang’s summarization. All of the 17 new members joined the party and fed back positively. After sprinkling sweat freely in autumn sunshine, we came back to our lab with energy, and continue enjoying our scientific research life in BiCASL.

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BiCASL held a reading session at microelectronics building 105. This sharing meeting, together with the construction of the laboratory book corner and the research on reading tendency of laboratory members, constituted the main activities of "reading habit formation month". The aim is to emphasize the importance of liberal arts education, create an atmosphere of reading and sharing.