Congratulations to BICASL on its excellent performance in the second "huawei cup" China graduate student "core" competition in 2019!

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Congratulations to BiCASL students on winning 1 first prize (warm blood basketball team), 2 second prizes (ideking 2.0 team and cantalone guardian spirit team) and the prizes of creation in the second "huawei cup" creation competition in 2019!

August 2 ~ 4, 2019, "huawei cup" the second session of Chinese graduate students and the "core" contest held in the beautiful hangzhou binjiang, this creates the "core" contest finals team gathered 151 teams from 41 national universities, about 600 graduate students to participate in the game, after the problem solving, defense, for competing in three steps, let's BiCASL! Three teams out! I won 1 first prize (hot blood basketball team), 2 second prizes (ideking 2.0 team and canopy patronus team) and star award (hot blood basketball team)! Congratulations to the three teams, also hope that the future students junior will continue to cheer on ~Attached is the list of team members:Hot-blooded basketball:Hou yuting, liu huaiyu, he tao

Idea king 2.0:Li cen, ji yuxin, yan weihong

The patron saint of canopy:Li hui, Lin binghui, lu ye wang qing


恭喜BiCASL实验室在第一届集成电路EDA设计精英挑战赛收获佳绩!!! Academic News

Congratulations to BiCASL lab for their outstanding achievement in the first EDA design competition

From November 30 to December 1, 2019, the first elite challenge competition for integrated circuit EDA design was held in jiangbei new district, nanjing. 104 teams from 41 universities across the country participated in the competition. Seven teams were organized by BiCASL lab to participate in the competition on behalf of the school. All of them reached the finals and won 2 second prizes, 5 third prizes and 2 special enterprise awards.
微纳电子学系和人工智能研究院圆满举办“IEEE CAS Seasonal School” Academic News

The "IEEE CAS Seasonal School" was successfully held by the department of micro-nano electronics and the institute of artificial intelligence.

From November 25 to 27, "IEEE CAS Seasonal School on ai-driven Circuit, System,and EDA Tools", jointly sponsored by the department of micro-electronics and artificial intelligence research institute of Shanghai jiao tong university, was successfully launched in the building of School of microelectronics of Shanghai jiao tong university.