BiCASL held a grand party for the end of 2019

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On the afternoon of January 12, BiCASL kicked off its 2019 year-end party. All the teachers and students of the laboratory and some of the graduated brothers and sisters came to the scene to participate in this colorful event.

On the afternoon of January 12, BiCASL kicked off its 2019 year-end party. All the teachers and students of the laboratory and some of the graduated brothers and sisters came to the scene to participate in this colorful event.

The liberal arts hall of guangbiao building welcomed students to decorate the venue from noon, and the video specially prepared for the 10th anniversary of BiCASL was displayed on the screen. Everyone came to the scene one after another, hanging up their wish card, everything ready to go. At one o 'clock, the host declared the annual meeting open.

The first speaker was Mr. Wang, who gave a wonderful opening speech, sharing his past anecdotes and expressing his high expectations for everyone.

The first show was a martial arts performance by Lin binghui, wu yi and huang jiajie. First of all, the three of them practice Chen's tai chi, which embodies the beauty of martial arts with its graceful and graceful movements. Wu yi's changquan and daoshu are vigorous and powerful, and her movements are flexible and capable. Lin binghui and huang jia-jie demonstrate wing chun sticking hands, which embody the characteristics of Chinese martial arts sparring with small strokes and little stops. Chinese martial arts is extensive and profound, and the repeated applause from the audience is enough to prove the brilliance of the program.BiCASL实验室隆重举行2019年终聚会随之而来的是游戏环节。“你演我猜”中,大家夸张的动作、精湛的演技和跑偏的模仿使得台下爆笑频频;“BiCASL之最”令人意想不到,俯卧撑的“惩罚”也是妙趣横生,几位老师轮番上台更引得现场笑声不断。到了老师们的歌舞环节,才是真正全场的高潮。几位老师一改往日科研时的严肃,用歌声和“扭秧歌”演绎了《野狼Disco》和《数鸭子》,瞬间点燃了全场的气氛,也是为大家带来了惊喜,台下的呼声、笑声和掌声绕满了整个现场。互动游戏“猜猜ta是谁”以讲故事的方式,把实验室六位成员的趣事一一道来,大家在猜测是谁的同时,更是加深了互相间的印象。

       The teachers also selected dozens of commendable students to award certificates for their efforts over the past year. Teacher wang personally award for them, they received the glittering certificate, together with a group photo.BiCASL实验室隆重举行2019年终聚会       After awarding the group prizes, the teachers selected the wish CARDS on the wall and realized the wishes for the students. Most exciting sweepstakes link finally arrives, laboratory fruits in this year, many students got all kinds of competition and academic awards, they also generously funded the activity, joint teachers take out part of the collection, and awards including food machine, stamp, mechanical keyboard, noise reduction headphones and huawei mobile phone and so on, each taking a number, the audience can broke out in alarm. Don't lose heart if you don't win the prize. Maybe it will be you next time.BiCASL实验室隆重举行2019年终聚会Happy time soon ended, the New Year has come, are you ready to continue the struggle?

Thanks to the followingContributions to annual planning

Game planning: li jizuo, xu yumin, ma ce, fu changyun, Chen yifei, yan weihong
Wish card planning: zhou ting, lu ye wang qing
Video planning: zhu siyao, zhou shihong, Chen kaiquan
Gift planning: wu caiyu, guo qianyu, Lin waner
Award plan: Chen kaiquan
Invitation: caiyu wu
Venue reservation and guidance: liu zhenhong
Site preparation: zhou ting, guo qianyu, Lin waner
On-site technical support: zhou shihong, liu zhenhong
Site maintenance: xu yumin, guo qianyu, Lin waner
Photography: Chen kaiquan
Host: liu hongyi, yan peng
Food preparation for the party: fu changyun, yan weihong, ma ce, wu caiyu, Chen xi, guo qianyu, Lin waner, Yang hui
General planning: xu wei, Yang hui

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