Prof. Wang Guoxing and master graduate Tian Zhenzhen gave a presentation at the Cloud Summer Camp of the Department of Microelectronics

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The Department of Micro and Nanoelectronics of Shanghai Jiaotong University held a cloud summer camp presentation on June 20. Professor Wang Guoxing and master graduate Tian Zhenzhen of the BiCASL laboratory attended this event.

To enhance the communication among different college students, the Department of Micro and Nanoelectronics of Shanghai Jiaotong University held a cloud summer camp presentation on the afternoon of June 20. Professor Wang Guoxing and master graduate Tian Zhenzhen of BiCASL were invited to attend this event, to introduce cutting-edge knowledge, share experience, and solve problems for the students.

Professor Wang introduced how to implement integrated circuits with low power consumption and high efficiency from four perspectives of advanced devices, circuit design, system architecture and application level. By taking the design of outstanding students in the laboratory as an example, Prof. Wang shows how to combine integrated circuits with biomedicine, and highlights the importance of innovative thinking. Through such a frontier introduction, Prof. Wang hopes to stimulate the interest of all students participating in the cloud summer camp and gradually realize the transition from undergraduate to graduate student.


Afterwards, Tian Zhenzhen also shared the thinking method of simulation design for the students in the laboratory offline. Taking the transfer function as an example, he explained from two angles of mathematical formulas and physical models, and stressed the ability to split complex problems into basic simple problems. By this means, we can establish an intuition to analyze the nature of circuit problems. During the period, students in the laboratory had a heated discussion with the Tian Zhenzhen. The communication meeting was successfully concluded.

Within one afternoon, the lectures of Prof. Wang and Mr. Zhenzhen Tian were powerful, and aroused a strong response and interest online, and also demonstrated the strong scientific research strength of BiCASL laboratory. In the offline communication meeting, all the students in the laboratory felt the unique scientific research spirit of the Mr. Tian, and his experience provided guidance for analog design. At the end of the communication, everyone took a group photo and the event was successfully held.

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